Education and Awareness Programs



SAFE is an acronym which stands for Staff and Faculty Eyes. The purpose of the SAFE Program is to develop liaisons between the various employees working in academic/administrative buildings and the police department in order to increase crime awareness and reporting. The program was designed to promote positive interaction between police officers and the staff and faculty members with an overall objective of working together to formulate strategies to solve and prevent crime related problems. The SAFE Program is a component of the department’s community involvement initiatives. The SAFE Program is fashioned after the Neighborhood Community Watch Programs found in many of our local communities.


The Residence Hall Liaison Program (RHLOP) assigns a specific officer to each residence hall. This unique concept allows for a community oriented/problem oriented policing approach for the residences to get to know members of the ECU Police Department. Liaison officers can provide presentations to residents or assist in solving problems common to the entire residence hall. To find out who your liaison officer is, ask your Resident Adviser.

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

These programs are for the entire campus community and provide information on alcohol and drug abuse. The programs cover such topics as binge drinking, Drug ID Kit, and the effects on the body and legal ramifications of alcohol and drug abuse both on and off campus.

Sexual Assault

This program is for the entire campus community and addresses acquaintance rape, statistics, victim resources, and reporting procedures. We also provide information about the various so called “date rape” drugs.

Identity Theft

This program is designed to create awareness and prevention of identity theft practices.  Other resources are available through the ECU Information Technology and Computing Services Identity Theft Protection Committee website.

Bicycle Registration

The East Carolina University Police Department is committed to reducing bicycle theft and vandalism. We encourage bicycle owners to properly lock their bikes at designated areas.
Bicycle registration is free and easy! Parking and Transportation Services, located at 305 E. Tenth Street (directly beside McDonald’s) will be happy to help you register for a bicycle decal.

Operation I.D.

Operation Identification is a nation-wide effort of law enforcement agencies and the citizens and businesses they serve. The goal is to reduce property theft, as well as, aid in recovery of stolen property through an identification system. Marking your possessions with an identifying number is an effective method of deterring theft. Thieves find it more difficult to dispose of stolen articles that can be traced through an owner’s personal ID number. If caught with a marked item, the thief can be convicted. The marked items can also be returned to the rightful owner. The ECU PD offers this service to students both on and off campus. A property sheet to record identification numbers is also furnished to aid in the recovery of stolen items.


This program is presented to incoming students and their parents and is designed to increase awareness of crime on campus. The program addresses police-related issues and how it affects the individual while attending East Carolina University. This program is presented several times each year.

Personal Safety Seminars

These seminars are designed to improve safety habits within the student population. Topics include Resident Hall security, personal safety habits, reporting illegal suspicious activity, crime on campus, and police services. This program allows the students the opportunity to address safety-related concerns and to receive an appropriate response.

Campus Living Staff Training

At the beginning of each school year the ECU PD assists in training Campus Living staff on campus safety, awareness, and all police services. This includes Alcohol and Drug awareness, and sexual assault protocols.

Safety Escorts

Uniformed, officers of the ECU PD, provide safety escorts during the evening hours to the campus community when there is a safety concern or risk on campus. To request a safety escort, call (252) 328-6787. When calling please be prepared to provide the following information:(1) Your name; (2) your location at the time of the call; (3)a phone number where you can be reached; and (4) your destination. Please call 15 minutes before you wish to be picked up.


SafeRide is a service provided by ECUSTA, is available to students, staff, faculty, and visitors both on and off campus. SafeRide provides a reliable evening commute to your home/residence or vehicle in the downtown Greenville area, at no charge. Hours of operation are: Sunday through Monday from 7pm – 12am, and Tuesday through Saturday from 7pm – 2am. For more information you can contact SafeRide during normal business hours at (252) ECU-RIDE (328-7433), or you may contact the SafeRide Operations Supervisor directly at (252) 328-5396.

R.A.D. Self-Defense Classes

Rape Aggression Defense (for women) and Resisting Aggression with Defense (for men) offer lecture, education, discussion, and self-defense techniques for women and men of all ages and abilities. Both programs are twelve (12) hours in length over a three(3)night period. Attendance at all nights is mandatory for completion of the course.


The purpose of the Ride-Along Program is to increase understanding between officers and citizens. Officers can use the period of the Ride-Along to gain valuable insight regarding how the community views the police, and riders can gain increased awareness of law enforcement needs, problems, and operations. Used in this manner, the Ride-Along Program will assist the department in establishing contacts with the community served, thus fulfilling the department’s objective of increased community involvement.

Security Surveys

This is a service provided to the campus community upon request that will help enhance physical security. A survey of the interior and exterior of the facility is conducted to determine vulnerability to criminal activity. A written report is sent to the requester with the recommendations on improving security.

Safety Walk

Our department supports the annual Student Government Association’s campus safety walk. The purpose of the walk is to survey the adequacy and maintenance of campus lighting and Emergency Blue-Light Phones, and to see that landscaping near buildings or along walkways does not obscure vision or present other safety hazards. During the walk students can make recommendations as to what they feel would create a safer campus community.

For more information about any of these, or additional programs we offer, please contact the Community Affairs Unit:

Main Campus

Capt. Amy Davis
Support Services Captain
Sgt. Brian Richardson
Community Affairs Sgt.
MPO Danny Langley
Community Affairs
PO Tim Langley
Community Affairs


SRO Program

MPO Raymond Cabacar
Community Affairs/SRO
MPO Tamesha Woolard
Community Affairs/SRO


Health Sciences Campus

Sgt Stephanie Carnevale
Community Affairs